The Tonicka Kombucha Story

Jodie and Anthony started making and selling kombucha six years ago at Bondi Beach Farmers’ Market. Originally these brews (along with cold press coffee) were a sideline to their successful organic, raw, vegan foods business.

As happy (and often hungover) customers purchased food, Anthony and Jodie would serve them samples of kombucha. As the punters were introduced to this miracle cure, they couldn’t get enough and would soon be back for more in ensuing weeks. 

Demand soon outweighed supply and the team were forced to move production out of their home, moving to a small 60sqm retail space. Buying more and more equipment along the way, the next step was sharing a small brewery site, before once again happily outgrowing that.

The rewarding loyalty of Tonicka’s growing customer base has sustained the business’ most recent home – a 160sqm brewery in Homebush West. However, after a good few years there, the next chapter is about to unfold with yet another move.

The latest expansion, to an even larger premises in Marrickville, will allow the business to flourish for years to come and meet the demand for delicious, raw, organic beverages that the market has been demanding.  

Today, Tonicka produces bottles and kegs and even provides tap systems to our customers. We are stocked across Australia (directly and via a number of regional and national distributors) and now have commenced expansion into Asia.

As we expand the variety of beverages we offer and the distribution of our product, our vision remains the same: we want to be the largest and healthiest drink manufacturer in Australia, through innovation and a vision for a healthier community. Our focus on the health of our customers will never waver. 


Tonicka Kombucha