Kombucha + Alcohol

= Culcha


50% less calories than a standard alcoholic drink

Wildberry Cola

Lime & Coconut

Apple & Elderflower

Ginger Beer

Culcha Kombucha Explained

Culcha Alcoholic Kombucha at 3% ABV adds an extra sophistication to the traditional Kombucha which we all know about. Culcha is crafted to perfection with a fusion of traditional fermentation and newage organic brewing methods.  Deliciously fruity, sweet, crisp and lightly carbonated; Culcha has already become an industry favourite. Next to zero sugar per serve and free from: preservatives, gluten and nasties. Everyone will love Culcha Alcoholic Kombucha.

Did you know Culcha has about 50% less calories than a standard beer, cider, wine and RTD?

No Added Sugar

Preservative Free

Low Calorie

Gluten Free

Low Carb